Books Recommended by CSR International

The Bottom Billion by P. Collier (Review by Nazareth Sefarian) The Business of Peace by J. Nelson (Review by Irina Cristina Sav) Classic Book: Our Common Future by the World Commission on Environment and Development (Brundtland Commission) (Review by Oliver Dudok van Heel) The Top 50 Sustainability Books by W. Visser (Review by William C. Frederick) The Blue Sweater by J. Novogratz (Review by Nazareth Seferian) In Search of Sustainability by J. Goldie, B. Douglas & B. Furnass (Review by Karen Marshall) The Market For Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility by D. Vogel (Review by Cristina Aliman) Natural Capitalism by A. Lovins, H. Lovins & P. Hawken (Review by Oliver Dudok van Heel) The Dark Side: Critical Cases on the Downside of Business by E. Raufflet & A.J. Mills (eds.) (Review by Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee) Capitalism As If The World Matters by Jonathon Porritt (Review by Oliver Dudok Van Heel) Consulting For Business Sustainability by C. Galea (Review by Karina Toonekurg) Classic Book: Cradle to Cradle by W. McDonough & M. Braumgart (Review by Oliver Dudok Van Heel) The McDonaldization of Society by George Ritzer (Review by Jane Claydon) Agenda For A New Economy: From Phantom Wealth To Real Wealth by David C. Korten (Review by Oliver Dudok Van Heel) Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability and Survival by Daniel Jaffee (Review by Sheena Frempong) Classic Book: No Logo by Naomi Klein (Review by Jane Claydon) Title: Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Author(s): Janine Benyus

Top 100+ CSR Leaders as Ranked by CSR International

CSR Leaders imageAt CSR International, we aim to share the CSR insights of the world’s best thought-leaders and leaders-in-practice.

Another way is by allowing CSR professionals, students and enthusiasts to tell us who they think are the leaders that have had or are having the biggest impact on CSR. This section of the website allows members to ‘vote’ on their favourites.

Here, we also present the results of the 2009 CSR International Leaders Ranking, which is based on an online poll conducted during February 2009.

Top 100 Leaders

1. Al GORE – Former US Vice President, An Inconvenient Truth

2. Barack OBAMA – US President, The Audacity of Hope

3. Anita RODDICK –The Body Shop International, Business As Unusual

4. John ELKINGTON – Volans, The Power of Unreasonable People

5. Muhammad YUNUS – Grameen Bank, Creating a World Without Poverty

6. Diana VERDE NIETO – Clownfish Marketing

7. Kofi ANNAN – Former UN Secretary General

8. Jonathon PORRITT –Forum for the Future, Capitalism as if the World Matters

9. Simon ZADEK – AccountAbility, Tomorrow’s History

10. Tom ROTHERHAM - Radley Yeldar, UN Principles for Responsible Investment

11. Peter UTTING – UNRISD, Reclaiming Development Agendas

12. Bill GATES – Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

13. HRH Prince CHARLES – British Royal, The Prince’s Charities

14. Paul HAWKEN – Natural Capital Institute, Blessed Unrest

15. Naomi KLEIN – No Logo, The Shock Doctrine

16. Ray ANDERSON – Interface, Mid-Course Correction

17. Maria SILLANPAA – Sustainability Advisory Group, The Stakeholder Corporation

17. C.K. PRAHALAD – Michigan University, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

18. Mary ROBINSON – Former Irish President, Oxfam International

19. Amory LOVINS – Rocky Mountain Institute, Winning the Oil Endgame

20. Nelson MANDELA – Former South African President, Long Walk to Freedom

21. John RUGGIE – Harvard University, UN Special Advisor on Human Rights

22. Michael MOORE – Roger & Me, Downsize This!

23. George MONBIOT – Heat, Bring on the Apocalypse

24. Bill CLINTON - Former US President, Giving

25. Noam CHOMSKY – MIT, Profit Over People

26. Richard WELFORD – Hong Kong University, CSR Asia

27. Amartya SEN – Harvard University, Development As Freedom

28. David GRAYSON – Cranfield University, Corporate Social Opportunity

29. Jeffrey SACHS – Columbia University, Common Wealth

30. Alan KNIGHT – Single Planet Living, UK Sustainable Development Commission

31. Wayne VISSER –CSR International, The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility

32. Jane NELSON – Harvard University, Profits With Principles

33. E.F. SCHUMACHER – Schumacher College, Small is Beautiful

34. James LOVELOCK – Gaia, The Revenge of Gaia

35. David SUZUKI – David Suzuki Foundation, David Suzuki’s Green Guide

36. Vandana SHIVA – Navdanya, Staying Alive

37. George SOROS – The Open Society Institute, The Crisis of Global Capitalism

38. Joseph STIGLITZ – Columbia University, Globalization and Its Discontents

39. Nicholas STERN – LSE, The Economics of Climate Change (The Stern Review)

40. Rachel CARSON – Silent Spring

41. Stuart HART – Cornell University, Capitalism at the Crossroads

42. Georg KELL – UN Global Compact

43. Will HUTTON – The Work Foundation, The Writing on the Wall

44. William MCDONOUGH – MBDC, Cradle to Cradle

45. Herman DALY – Maryland University, For the Common Good

46. Peter DRUCKER – The Age of Discontinuity, Managing the Non-profit Organization

47. Stephan SCHMIDHEINY – AVINA, Walking the Talk

48. Adrian HODGES – IBLF, Corporate Social Opportunity

49. R. Edward FREEMAN – Virginia University, Managing for Stakeholders

50. Zac GOLDSMITH – UK Conservative Party, The Ecologist Magazine (formerly)

51. Allen WHITE – Tellus Institute, Global Reporting Initiative (formerly)

52. Archie B. CARROLL – Georgia University, Business & Society

53. Christopher AVERY – Responsibility Redefined

54. Julia CLEVERDON – Business in the Community, Teach First

55. Peter SENGE – MIT, The Necessary Revolution

56. Ralph NADER – Project for Corporate Responsibility, Corporation Nation

57. Wangari MAATHAI – Green Belt Movement, Unbowed

58. Charles HANDY – The Hungry Spirit, The New Philanthropists

59. Dirk MATTEN – York University, The Oxford Handbook of CSR

60. Jeffrey HOLLANDER – Seventh Generation, What Matters Most

61. Thomas FRIEDMAN – New York Times, The Lexus and the Olive Tree

62. Anita LONGLEY – RWE

63. Aron CRAMER – BSR, Raising the Bar

64. Hernando DE SOTO – ILD, The Mystery of Capital

65. Jared DIAMOND – UCLA, Collapse

66. Jeffrey IMMELT – General Electric (G.E.)

67. L. Hunter LOVINS – Natural Capitalism Inc, Natural Capitalism

68. Tim SMIT – Eden Project, Eden

69. Adrian HENRIQUES – Middlesex University, The Triple Bottom Line

70. David VOGEL – California University (Berkeley), The Market for Virtue

71. Geoffrey CHANDLER – Amnesty International UK Business Group

72. Joel BAKAN – British Columbia University, The Corporation

73. Paul EKINS – Kings College London, Real Life Economics

74. Andrew WINSTON – Winston Eco-Strategies, Green to Gold

75. Bjorn STIGSON – World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

76. Donella MEADOWS – The Limits to Growth, Beyond the Limits

77. Fritjof CAPRA – The Turning Point, The Hidden Connections

78. Janine BENYUS – The Biomimicry Institute, Biomimicry

79. Malcolm MCINTOSH – Coventry University, Raising a Ladder to the Moon

80. Philip KOTLER – Northwestern University, Corporate Social Responsibility

81. R. Buckminster FULLER – An Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

82. T. Boone PICKENS –Clean Energy, Mesa Water

83. Tessa TENNANT – ICE Organisation, AsrIA,

84. Vaclav HAVEL – Former President of Czech Republic

85. Ben COHEN – Ben & Jerry’s, Values-Driven Business

86. OPAL – EPFL Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, Fair Trade

87. David E. HAWKINS – PSL, Corporate Social Responsibility

88. David PEARCE – UCL (formerly), Blueprint for a Sustainable Economy

89. Deborah LEIPZIGER – SA8000, The Corporate Responsibility Code Book

90. Henry MINTZBERG – McGill University, Strategy Safari

91. James HANSEN – NASA, Columbia University

92. Lester BROWN – Earth Policy Institute, Plan B

93. Manfred MAX-NEEF - CEPAUR, Human-Scale Development

94. Michael HOPKINS – MCH International, CSR and International Development

95. Rob GRAY – Glasgow University, Accounting for the Environment

96. Sandra A. WADDOCK – Boston College, The Difference Makers

97. Steven LYDENBERG – Domini Social Investments, Corporations and the Public Interest

98. Bill MCKIBBEN – The End of Nature, Deep Economy

99. David KORTEN – When Corporations Rule the World, Agenda for a New Economy

100. David WHEELER - Dalhousie University, The Stakeholder Corporation

101. Dexter DUNPHY – UTS, Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability

102. Hannah JONES – Nike, CSR Europe

103. Howard PEARCE – UK Environment Agency

104. Jeremy LEGGETT – Solarcentury, The Carbon War

105. Jeremy RIFKIN – The Foundation on Economic Trends, The Hydrogen Economy

106. Julia HAILES – Green Consumer Guide, The New Green Consumer Guide

107. Paul C. HUNT – UNEP Finance Initiative

108. Raj THAMOTHERAM – USS, Institutional Investors Group of Climate Change

109. Rhys JENKINS –East Anglea University, Corporate Responsibility and Labour Rights

110. Satish KUMAR – Schumacher College, Resurgence Magazine

111. Thomas HOMER-DIXON – Waterloo University, The Upside of Down

Realized Worth, Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker

Corporate Volunteering experts describing their mission as: 

Paul Smith

GreenSmith Consulting Blog”.

As quoted by Fabian Pattberg:

Paul has been around in the Sustainability blogging field for a long time and in my opinion is one of the most interest and engaging bloggers in the Sustainability field at the moment. Next to his own blog Paul writes for Triple Pundit on a regular basis and is a guest writer for the Elephant Journal.

This is how Paul describes his blog:
“The GreenSmith Consulting blog is an exploration of the best of what’s happening in sustainable business, and what’s to come. Startups of note are frequently featured, as are tools and technology to make doing the important work you do, be done more easily. Guest contributors have taken on a variety of subjects, from greenwashing to localization.”

Responsible Investor TV

imagePhilippe Zaouati of NATIXIS Natixis Asset Management, a pioneer in SRI for over 25 years, has launched Impact Funds Climate Change. This thematic ICVC aims at generating long-term performance by investing in companies whose activities contribute to mitigate or adapt to climate change.

More information: Impact Funds Climate Change.


N. Stern on Climate Change »

Lord Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government at LSE addresses climate change and opportunities for investors, interviewed by Brendan Maton, pensions journalist.


Marcel Jeucken, PGGM Investments »

Marcel Jeucken, head of responsible investment at PGGM Investments, talks about ESG integration, RI performance and corporate engagements and exclusions.


RI Landscape 2008 Asset Owners survey »

Responsible-Investor and IPE brought together eight investment professions to discuss the results of the RI Landscape 2008 Asset Owners survey. Participating: Michael Atzwanger, PensPlan; Erik Christiansen, ERAPF; Xavier Desmadryl, HSBC Investments; Christian Gollier, joint holder of the French university chair devoted to responsible investment and sustainable finance; Dr Marcel Jeucken, PGGM; Aled Jones, UK Pension Protection Fund; Liam Kennedy, IPE; Michel Lemonnier representing the French Asset Management Association; Raj Thamotheram, AXA Investment Managers; Hugh Wheelan, Responsible Investor.

Read the survey results and report »


Rob Lake, ABP »

Rob Lake, senior portfolio manager for environmental, social and governance at ABP, the €221bn ($311bn) pension fund for Dutch civil servants, talks clean tech, engagement and cluster bombs.

Read the interview transcript »


David Russell, USS »

David Russell, co-head of Responsible Investment at the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the €31bn ($46bn) second largest UK pension fund, explains how its SRI strategy is not just about risk but also reward.

Read the interview transcript »


Bob Monks »

One of the world’s most prominent corporate governance activists since the 1970s, Bob Monks talks about engagement, hedge fund activists, private equity and why ‘discouraged’ is not part of his vocabulary.

Read the interview transcript »

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Arup Sustainability Consulting


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Met Office Financial Services

Public / Govt. Fund

Visit Met Office Financial Services »

We use in-depth knowledge of past, present and future weather and climate to provide cutting-edge solutions to customers in insurance, trading, investment and asset management.

Read More »

Eumedion Homepage


Visit Eumedion Homepage »

Eumedion operates a representative of the interests of institutional investors in the field of corporate governance and responsible investing. It is the objective of Eumedion to Read More »

Thornbury Communications

PR / Media / Advertising

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Fundraising and Strategic Communications for non-profits: Social Ventures.

The Sustainability Forum Zürich (TSF)


Visit The Sustainability Forum Zürich (TSF) »

TSF members (e.g. BCG, Novo Nordisk, PwC, responsAbility, SAM, Swiss Re, Vontobel) carry on an action-oriented dialogue aimed at enabling sustainability principles to be integrated into Read More »

Responsible Investment Association Australasia


Visit Responsible Investment Association Australasia »

The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) is the peak industry body for professionals working in responsible investment in Australia and New Zealand. Almost every financial adviser, Read More »


General Asset Manager

Visit NATUREWALK, Cost Rica »

Naturewalk is an ecological and economically sustainable real estate investment combining land, teak forestry and development use in Costa Rica

The GAEIA Partnership

Investment Consultant

Visit The GAEIA Partnership »

We are Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) specialising in ethical investment incorporating environmental & socially responsible investments.

Corporate Research Consultants

Research Firm

Visit Corporate Research Consultants »

We provide focused research and company analysis on environmental, social and governance issues to institutions, governments, financial planners, corporations and individuals worldwide.


Research Firm


Proxinvest, an independent Paris-based consulting firm, serving only shareholders, offers proxy voting research and solutions tailored to the specific investors needs.


Visit »

The website of the Social Investment Organization.


Investment Consultant

Visit user »

General Asset Manager

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Website of long-only manager of rules-driven core equity portfolios and separately managed accounts on behalf of institutional clients, including International ex US, US Large-Cap, US Mid-Cap Read More »

Internat Portal

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Portal on responsible investing for Polish market.



Visit VBDO »

VBDO is a dutch investment association. Our target is to make the capital market more sustainable per investors and corporations.

Publishing Company

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PR / Media / Advertising

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All financial news in Italian. Links to international sites, news,up-dates.

ActionNews Press Agency (in Italian)

PR / Media / Advertising

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Financial news in Italian

Dutch SRI portal

SRI portal

Visit Dutch SRI portal »

Dutch portal for SRI with actual news, Dutch SRI products etcetera


Visit »

Belgian Forum for sustainable & socially responsible investment

ConSer Invest

Investment Consultant

Visit ConSer Invest »

Decision and implementation tools for a responsible investment policy:

-Strategic advice

-Funds selection, qualification and allocation

-Sustainable portfolio creation and Read More »

SRI Funds Advice

Research Firm

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SRI Funds Advice gives to investors, asset managers, and investment advisers essential information for decision-making. The database holds 700 SRI mutual funds from all over the Read More »


Business matching portal

Visit Ecomatch »

Matching eco related business needs in China and Asia. Service providers, products and skills, recycling, reuse, energy and consulting.

Pacific Risk Advisors

Management Consultant

Visit Pacific Risk Advisors »

Sustainability risk advisors addressing Environmental and social risks at pre investment and IPO stages

Investing for the Soul

Research Firm

Visit Investing for the Soul »

Global ethical investing news and research, insightful commentary, key links, books, services, and free newsletter. Unique resources for ethical, spiritual, and socially responsible investors and investment Read More »

Creative Investment Research, Inc.

Investment Consultant

Visit Creative Investment Research, Inc. »

Creative Investment Research, Inc.

Sudan Divestment Task Force


Visit Sudan Divestment Task Force »

s the coordinating entity for the targeted Sudan divestment movement, the Sudan Divestment Task Force (SDTF), a project of the Genocide Intervention Network, provides support for Read More »

Netspar-UMBS Academy

Education (Business School)

Visit Netspar-UMBS Academy »

The Netspar–UMBS Academy, a joint initiative of Netspar and Universiteit Maastricht Business School (UMBS), offers stimulating education and knowledge sharing on current subjects in the dynamic Read More »

ALM Events

Conferencing Company

Visit ALM Events »

RI Landscape 2008 - Asset Managers Survey


Visit RI Landscape 2008 - Asset Managers Survey »

RI Landscape 2008 Survey of Asset Manager integration of ESG issues into their investment practices.

Responsible Property Investing Center


Visit Responsible Property Investing Center »

A real estate website and group of the Boston College Institute for Responsible Investment dedicated to applied research and networking building around Responsible Property Investing broadly Read More »

RI Landscape 2008 - Asset Owners survey

Publishing Company

Visit RI Landscape 2008 - Asset Owners survey »

The consideration of ESG in investing is one of today’s hottest institutional topics. This ground-breaking joint research into the responsible investment landscape aims to show, for Read More »

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Since 1995 the Corporate Governance site at has facilitated the ability of institutional and individual shareowners to better govern corporations, enhancing both corporate accountability and Read More »

PR / Media / Advertising

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Business Wire’s CSR distribution circuit is ideal for news concerning business ethics, the environment, community development and diversity. The circuit reaches interested journalists, financial analysts, activists, Read More »

Academic research

Visit »

Sustainable Investments is a Mistra funded research programme. The aim is to investigate how sustainable investment practices can create an added value to investors, and identify Read More »

Accountability Central

Publishing Company

Visit Accountability Central »

In A-C the editors focus on news, commentary, research, trends, and actions of key players shaping “accountability” and the impact on individuals, business organizations, public agencies Read More »

Forum for the Future - finance microsite


Visit Forum for the Future - finance microsite »

Sustainable development charity that works in partnership with the financial industry. Includes reports on microfinance, clean tech, climate change and sustainability impacts of investment as part Read More »

Links to resources related to materiality and transparency of ESG issues

Independent Web Resource Centre

Visit Links to resources related to materiality and transparency of ESG issues »

This page covers three topics:

1. Investor interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues; Materiality; Integration of ESG value drivers in asset management Read More »

Charity SRI


Visit Charity SRI » is a free online resource to assist charities wishing to align their investments with their mission. It provides clear, accessible and comprehensive information on why Read More »

Investment Bank

Visit »

Sustainable World Capital is a company focused on connecting profitable sustainable companies of the future with institutional investors worldwide. In order to raise capital and to Read More »

Eurosif: European Social Investment Forum


Visit Eurosif: European Social Investment Forum »

Eurosif (the European Social Investment Forum) is a pan-European group whose mission is to Address Sustainability through Financial Markets. Current member affiliates of Eurosif include pension Read More »

UN Principles for Responsible Investment


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There is a growing view among investment professionals that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios. Investors fulfilling their Read More »

Responsible Investor

Publishing Company

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Responsible Investor provides institutional investors with a comprehensive online magazine and information resource which recognises the growing requirement to achieve investment returns within an environmental, socialRead More »